Ultimate Checklist for Lake Camping

Camping is enjoyed by many every year, but before you set out on your camping trip you need to stop and think what you might need to bring.  Provided below is a checklist of items you may need on your camping trip. 

__Tent Stakes (extra)
__Ground Cloth

__Sleeping Bag or Sheets/Blanket
__Sleeping Matt or Air Matress with pump (battery, or hand pump)

(It never hurts to bring an extra set of clothes just in case yours get wet)
__Shorts (seasonal)
__Socks (Bring Extra!!)
__Sweatshirts and jackets
__Rain Gear
__Sleeping Clothes
__Swim Suit/towel

__Shower Sandals/shoes
__Soap/Shampoo (in a plastic sealable bag)
__Toilet Paper
__Feminine Products

Camping Equipment:
__Propane Lantern
__Flashlight (Extra Batteries)
__Fire Extinguisher
__Fishing Gear
__Insect Repellant Candles
__Camping Chairs
__Rope/Bailing Twine
__Water Flitration Devices
__Cell Phone/Walkie Talkies

__Propane Stove and Propane tanks, or Charcoal Grill, and Charcoal
__Pot holders
__Spatulas, Tongs, Large Spoons
__Collapsable Table
__Dutch Oven
__Cutting Board
__Plates and Bowls
__Napkins, and or Paper Towels
__Fire Starter and or newspaper
__Dish Soap
__Dish Towels
__Trash Bags
__Bear Bag/Rope
__Food, Drinks and Snacks

First Aid Kit:
__Latex Gloves
__Gauze pads
__Alcohol/Hydrogen Peroxide
__Triangular Bandages
__Asprin, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen
__Ace Bandages
__Cold Compress
__Feminine Products
__Plastic Bags (to dispose of items with bodily waste)
__Bee Sting Kit
__Bottle of Water

__Games, Cards, or Toys
__Books or Magazines
__Camera (Extra Batteries)

*Some Items may not be neccessary, and you may also find you need items that are not listed above.

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